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Sikkim has occupied a meager portion of land in India; yet this small state comprises many shopping attractions that are worth-seeing and purchasing. So, get ready to explore the shopping places in Sikkim. The real charm of shopping places in Sikkim comes from the fact that the markets of Sikkim are not as elaborate as one can easily trace in metropolitan cities. In this article, we will tell you about where to shop and what to buy in Sikkim. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and a major reservoir of shopping places too. The Old Market, Lall Market, M.G. Road and New Market are the main shopping places, where you can shop the exclusive items of Sikkim. Here, you can trace array of shops that present countless handicrafts and other items. Lall Market is a local market area that vends dried fish, yak's cheese (chhurpi) and yeast to make the local beer. In the other markets, get the specialties of Sikkim in its delicately carved relief 'Choktse' furniture and Lepcha weave bags. You can also be in awe of the marvelous Tibetan Thangka paintings. These markets sell carpets in addition to wooden and bamboo artifacts. Sikkim is renowned for its elegantly woven materials that incorporate dresses, shawls, blankets and knitted garments. If you are crazy about decorative pieces, you are at the perfect place to shop.